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Sardar Ji to Laloo: Your friend is kissing your wife in your home.
Laloo rushed home angrily.
After half an hour, he came back and slapped the Sardarji.
Laloo said: You fool, he is not my friend.

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Boss: Have you ever seen a donkey.
Santa (looking down): No sir.
Boss: Don't look down, look at me.

Santa to son: Look at Banta's daughter. She got first position in class.
Son: Dad, I used to look at her all the time. That's why I got failed.

Mom to son in
17th century: Son, marry a girl of your own caste only.
18th century: Son, marry a girl of your status.
19th century: Son, marry a girl from our religion only.
20th century: Son, marry a girl from our country only.
21st century: Son, marry a girl only.

Killing English

1) Santa tells Banta: First I will marry my sister. Then my father will marry me.
2) Principal to student: Why do you keep rotating near girl's hostel.
3) Teacher to student: Pick up the paper and fall in dustbin.
4) Don't laugh, otherwise I'll fall down your teeth.
5) Principal was taking round of school. Seeing the principal passing by, teacher said: Keep quiet students. The principal is just passed away.
6) Can you hang this calendar. Don't worry otherwise I'll hang myself.
7) Hi, my name is Sangeeta, married with two kids.
8) Man tells his friend: My aim is to study my son and marry my daughter.
9) Why are you looking at monkeys outside when I am in class.


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Santa and Banta were studying late night. Their watch was not working.
Santa: What is the time? Banta picks up a stone and throws it to the gate of neighbour's house. A lady from neighbour's house shouted: You fools, it is 3 'o clock. Why don't you sleep?

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